Spirometry Testing

What is a Spirometry Test?

Spirometry is a standard test primary care physicians use to quantify how well your lungs are working. The test measures air flowing in and out of your lungs.

To take a spirometry test, you sit and inhale into a little machine called a spirometer. The spirometer records the quantity of air you take in and out and the speed of your breathing.

Spirometry tests are typically utilized to analyze and diagnose the following:

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Interstitial pneumonic fibrosis
  • Lung function disorders

These tests also enable your specialist to screen you for chronic lung problems.

The most effective method to get ready for a spirometry test

Do not smoke one hour before a spirometry test. Likewise no alcohol on the day of the test. Eating too big a meal prior to the test could likewise affect your capacity to relax and breathe.

Try not to wear attire that is tight to the point that it could limit your relaxing. Your specialist may likewise have guidelines about whether you ought to abstain from utilizing breathed in breathing meds or different solutions preceding your test.

Spirometry methodology

A spirometry test more often than not takes around 15 minutes and for the most part occurs in your Unimed physician’s office.