Primary Care

primary care nurse at Unimed in Deerfield

Primary care physicians have the full responsibility of ensuring the overall health of their patients. They are one of the most important factors in establishing the sound health and care at the rudimentary level. In a world of specialists, primary care is becoming an antiquated word. Good medicine begins with primary care. And the best primary care begins with prevention. Every healthcare problem prevented means savings in terms of personal suffering, money and time. Prevention means more quality time to enjoy family, friends and life.Our primary care specialists understand that good prevention takes work. We ensure that all our patients get their annual physicals (including lab work & EKG) that meet Medicare (Hedis) guidelines. We reach out to every patient, helping them fulfill their medical protocols and reminding them to come in for their follow-up visits. We have two Nurse Practitioners who do diabetic teaching and nutritional counseling.

In addition, as primary care internists we want to understand the entire patient.  Health issues are only the beginning. We want to know the whole story – family history, social background and environment. This allows us to have a full understanding of how any illnesses may have their roots in genetic or local factors. As primary care physicians, the scope of our service goes beyond simply practicing medicine and also takes on investigative aspects to help us care for our patients by utilizing the most thorough and complete methods available.

The more we learn about you, the more we are able to see potential problems before they happen – to intercede early when necessary.

As primary care physicians we encompass the entire range of health issues, understanding how the emotional, psychological aspects of our patients interact with their physical health. We appreciate that a good final outcome must include not only how a patient feels physically but how they feel about themselves.

Ultimately, the relationship between doctor and patient is one of trust. Our goal is to build a bond of trust. We want our patients to know that they can count on us. That we will be there for them – always.

UNIMED offers its services to everyone that can reach our office conveniently. Our practice often has patients from Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas.

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