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5 Things Seniors Should Look for in Finding a Primary Care Doctor

These days, many South Florida seniors are in need of and searching for a primary care physician. However, many of these elderly citizens are not certain what they should look for in a medical representative. If this is your dilemma, don’t worry. Instead, focus on looking for these five things in a primary care doctor:

1. Education and Experience.

Education and experience are the two credentials that establish a primary care physician as a professional who will be able to offer you the optimal, expedient care you need. With this idea in mind, look into where a physician was educated, what type of licensure she or he has, and how long they’ve worked in the field.

2. A Solid Track Record.

When you need a primary care doctor, it’s important that you find one with a solid track record of providing patients with effective, excellent care. You can determine what type of track record a primary care doctor has by looking at the doctor’s ratings on online physician ratings services such as Zoc Doc and

3. Insurance Options.

Make sure that the primary care doctor you select accepts Medicare or any other insurance that you use.

4. Geriatric Expertise.

As a senior, you’ll want to work with a primary care physician that has extensive expertise in the geriatric sector. This means that she or he will be able to assist you with specific needs and concerns typically experienced by individuals in your age group. Some of those conditions include cardiac problems, blood pressure, diabetes, pain management, high cholesterol, cancer, renal failure, COPD, obesity, and infectious diseases.

5. A Personal Approach.

Although professionalism is important in the world of medicine, a personal approach is equally important. When you develop and maintain a dynamic, personal relationship with your physician, a lot of anxiety regarding your medical condition can be diminished. With this idea in mind, be sure that you look for a primary care doctor who maintains a personal approach to the world of medicinal care.


If you are a senior who is currently in need of a primary care doctor, it’s important that you know what to look for. By referring to the aforementioned guide, you can identify all of the winning characteristics that will lead you to results-oriented, patient-centered medical care. Our team of primary care doctors here at Unimed Care Center possess all five of these attributes and can assist you in attaining the optimal health that will help you lead the productive, positive life that you desire and deserve. With locations throughout Broward County, we’ll be here

to help you.