Pain Management

Pain management is an important part of medicine. There is a vast range in the ways we hurt – from a bad back to internal gastric pains, from feelings of nausea to mysterious pains that are difficult to pinpoint, to dull aches to focused stabbing flashes.

pain management Unimed
Here at UNIMED, we know that when you are experiencing pain, the most important first step is to treat the discomfort and then we go on to more advanced pain management techniques to uncover the underlying causes. Once we have uncovered the cause of the problem, we then work with our and other physicians to address other potential underlying problems.

Our approach to pain management is one of utmost compassion and concern for our patients. We listen carefully and patiently. We encourage each person to be open – that no complaint is too small or insignificant.

Our services are available to a wide area of potential patients including the areas of Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale and also Deerfield Beach.

We are adept at offering the most compassionate and respectful pain management care and we appreciate that a good quality of life is a pain free life – a life that is vibrant, free of anxiety and stress — with a mental clarity that allows one to enjoy family and friends for many years into the future.