Geriatrics Care | Unimed
Geriatrics in itself is a multifaceted medical practice in which the well being of the patient as a whole must be combined with the social and emotional factors which are involved in the aging process. Few physicians have been adequately trained to understand the complex and interrelated health and emotional issues associated with the study of geriatrics.

The aging body differs physiologically from younger adults. Younger adults often are treated by addressing specific health issues – treating a symptom or condition in isolation. However, all organs and body systems are clearly deeply interconnected – one condition manifestly has impact on other body systems and our entire well-being. In the case of the medical practice of Geriatrics, this truth is far more obvious. Physicians must be trained and able to treat the total person – understanding how all of the body’s systems interact to create health and well-being.

Thus previous health issues and lifestyle choices produce a different constellation of increasingly complex symptoms and interacting disease states as we age. In addition, the elderly are more susceptible and sensitive to certain situations than younger people. For example, simple stomach flu may be a nuisance for a younger person but a far more serious threat in on older adult because of the dangers of dehydration. The elderly are more susceptible to falls and consequent fractures. Also, geriatric physician must be far more attentive to the impact of the medications a patient takes – monitoring dosage, checking for contraindications and adverse drug interactions.

It takes a very special kind of physician to address these diverse needs. It takes a physician who has a deep understanding of the entirety of medicine. It takes a person who has the emotional and spiritual depth to appreciate who his patients are, who appreciates the depths of their lives and their stories.

In our practice, we view the total person as a whole and all the complexities that are involved in the practice of Geriatrics are handled with the utmost care, professionalism and grace. Our practice is able to service the needs of individuals in many areas including Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach.

Our Geriatrics practice of UNIMED offer doctors, nurses, and staff who love their work and the patients for whom they work – creating healthier, happier lives -one by one.