Emphysema Care for Seniors

Emphysema Care Deerfield and Pompano. Rename the file 'Emphysema-Care-seniors.jpg as well

The primary care physicians and internal medicine specialists at Unimed Care Center in Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Florida understand that a diagnosis of emphysema is not only devastating to the senior patient, but also the patient’s family. However, the right treatment plan can improve the patient’s quality of life and provide relief to the patient and his or her family.

Over time, emphysema damages the lung’s air sacs, causing shortness of breath due to an obstruction of the lungs’ air supply. Although the damage caused by emphysema cannot be reversed, the disease can be slowed down and the patient’s symptoms can be relieved with the appropriate treatment.

Our physicians have a few care tips to help the families of seniors who have emphysema, which are:

  • Arrange to do his grocery shopping and other errands that consume a lot of energy.
  • Encourage him or her to rest for one hour after eating in order to give the body time to utilize its energy toward digestion.
  • Help him or her reduce anxiety, which can tighten muscles, by practicing visualization relaxation techniques.
  • Reduce indoor pollution by frequently changing HVAC air filters, removing carpet and not using aerosol sprays.

The compassionate doctors and staff at Unimed Care Center have the experience to care and treat senior citizens in Deerfield, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach who have emphysema. We are dedicated to providing quality, personalized care to every patient. If you have any questions, give our staff a call – we are here to help!