EKG Test

EKG – ECG Electrocardiogram Tests

EKG Deerfield BeachAn electrocardiogram or EKG is a record of the electrical signals in the human heart over a period of time.

It’s a typical test used to help indicate heart issues and screen the heart’s status. Electrocardiograms — additionally called ECGs or EKGs — are regularly done in our Unimed Care Center primary care medical offices in Broward County.

An EKG test is a noninvasive, pain free test that issues a report quickly. In an EKG, sensors (electrodes) that can recognize the electrical movement of your heart are affixed to your chest and then to a machine. These sensors are typically left on for only a couple of minutes.

Your Unimed Care Center specialist may talk about your outcomes of your test with you the day of the EKG or at your next primary care doctor’s appointment.