Diabetes Care Tips for Seniors

Diabetes Care Tips for Seniors
Diabetes is a major issue among senior Americans, with approximately 20 percent of the nation’s citizens who are aged 65 or older afflicted with the condition. The primary care physicians of Unimed Care Center have offered a few tips to those with diabetes, and seniors who follow them may live longer and healthier lives.

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Watch What You Eat
The most important tip is to ‘watch your diet’. Diet is important to diabetics for two reasons. In controlling one’s blood sugar levels, a good diet can prevent the effects of diabetes from getting worse. Additionally, a good diet can combat or help prevent obesity, which is common to those with diabetes.

Such dairy products as skim milk or low-fat yogurt are particularly good for diabetics, as are such fruits and vegetables as apples and broccoli, which are low in fat and high in nutrition. Whole grain cereals can help maintain a person’s blood-sugar level, which is the primary factor in diabetic care. Meat and poultry are good at maintaining a person’s metabolism, which is important when considering that diabetes is a metabolic condition.

Here’s Another Tip…Get Plenty of Exercise
Exercise is important for diabetics by the way it improves glucose tolerance. This can in turn make unnecessary the use of medications to control blood sugar levels, essentially allowing the body to treat itself naturally. Additionally, exercise is an important part of weight control and can reduce the effects of diabetes and even prevent the condition from developing in the first place.

A good exercise program does not require strenuous motions. Physical activities as mild as walking, gardening and playing frisbee with the grandchildren will go far to improving the overall fitness of those with diabetes.

Take the Advice of Your Doctor
It is important for the elderly to have regular medical examinations, including a check of their blood sugar levels, especially when considering that many of those with diabetes go undiagnosed. Those who are diagnosed with diabetes need to follow the instructions of their doctors, which may include the use of prescription medications. This is not just a tip, it’s a necessity.

Unimed Care Center with locations in Deerfield Beach,Pompano Beach and Coral Ridge is on hand to help seniors with many disorders, including diabetes, and the practice is a good resource for seniors with questions about diabetes or otherwise in need of primary care assistance.