Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment in Broward

Alzheimers Disease Broward County

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be very traumatic for the family as well as the individual. Proper care and treatment of this disease can make life easier for all concerned.

Alzheimer’s disease causes deterioration of the memory, individuals may be able to remain in their own environment, depending on the severity of their symptoms. With proper precautionary measures, living with Alzheimer’s can be manageable and the severity of the symptoms will determine the level of treatment necessary.

The primary care doctors at Broward County based Unimed Care Center recommend a few precautionary measures can facilitate life with Alzheimer’s:

1. Make the home safe. Remember that safety for a person with Alzheimer’s requires more precautions than normal. For example, keep items such as matches in an inaccessible location.

2. Encourage independence. Label drawers, provide exercise and proper nutrition, let him or her complete as many tasks as possible without assistance, and schedule activities according to the time of day that is best for him or her.

3. Recognize that functionality will decline. Memory that is lost will never be regained. However, daily activities and routines can be adapted in order to accommodate this decline and keep the Alzheimer’s individual as functional as possible for as long as possible.

4. Ask for help if necessary. Often, caregivers become overwhelmed but are reluctant to ask for help. It is vital for the caregiver to ensure that he or she remains healthy, both physically and mentally.

At Unimed Care Center, we are experts in the care and treatment of those with Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors living in Deerfield Beach , Coral Ridge and Pompano Beach and the rest of Broward county need look no further than our experienced and caring staff when seeking help for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

We know that caring for a loved one who has this disease can seem overwhelming. As our mission statement states: “Unimed Care Center’ Mission is to provide excellent health care with a personalized approach for each of our patients. Our goal is to ensure that our patients have a positive experience with our staff and their healthcare management.” Just call and talk to our staff; they’re here to answer your questions. Helping you and your loved one maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage yourAlzheimer’s disease is our goal and we do it well!