Endocrinology and Senior Care

Endocrinology and Senior Care | UnimedEndocrinology is the study of the various glands of the human body, their diseases, and how they work together to produce health or illness in the body. A doctor of endocrinology studies the endocrine glands, and treats illness or imbalance in these glands. Of special interest to seniors in the Pompano area and to the aging population in general is diabetes. it’s care and treatment. Diabetes is the foremost endocrine disorder in older adults and requires experienced and knowledgeable treatment in the older population. Because diabetes can lead to other serious health problems it is imperative that it be treated competently at its outset to prevent progression to a more serious condition that could impair the heart, eyes, circulation and other parts of the body.

Our internal medicine physician and endocrinologist Dr. Karsh is an expert in the field of diabetes and all diseases of the endocrine system. He treats endocrine disorders in senior patients with the respect and compassion they deserve. At our office in Pompano Beach, FL, our patients are never just a number or a chart, but real people with stories to tell and feelings to share. Unimed takes great pride in treating our patients as unique individuals whose care must fit their lifestyle as well as bring them to optimum health in their situation. We take the time and care to delve into each patient’s past medical history in order to understand where to begin on the road to better health. We realize that many older people have many good years of active life ahead of them as long as they manage their diabetes properly and it is our goal to see that those years are filled with health and vitality to live as normal and vigorous a life as possible.

Visit the Unimed Care Center office in Pompano Beach, FL, and we’ll show you we care about our patients and it shows in the resulting fulfilling and active lives our senior patients lead.